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Please find an alphabetical list of Technical Art History-related open access books below. We are constantly updating this list, so if you have a resource you would like us to include, we welcome you to let us know at

Burgundian Black link

This book is the result of collaborative, hands-on research into Burgundian Black colour worlds. In addition to the historical essays, it also features a Practical Guide to the Production of Black Pigments and Watercolours that introduces readers to historical colour-making technologies and can be used for teaching and workshops. EMC Imprint, 2022.

Infrared Spectroscopy in Conservation Science link

Michele R. Derrick, Dusan C. Stulik, and James M. Landry, 1999

Materialized Identities in Early Modern Culture, 1450-1750 link

The scholarship within is distinctive for engaging with the agentive qualities of matter, showing how affective dimensions in history connect with material history, and exploring the religious and cultural identity dimensions of the use of materials and artefacts. Authors approach "the material" through four themes – glass, feathers, gold paints, and veils – in relation to specific individuals, material milieus, and interpretative communities. In examining these four types of materialities and object groups, which were attached to different sensory regimes and valorizations, this book charts how each underwent significant changes during this period. Amsterdam University Press, 2021.

De Oranjezaal: catalogus en documentatie (in Dutch) link

Contains the catalogue of the Oranjezaal paintings (1648-1652) with lots of details on painting techniques and materials used.

RKD Monographs, 2021. 

The noninvasive analysis of painted surfaces: scientific impact and conservation practice link

Smithsonian Institution Scholarly Press, Washington DC, 2016

Rembrandt Now link

Papers on technical practice, conservation, and research of Rembrandt paintings coinciding with the 2014-2015 Rembrandt: The Late Works exhibition at the National Gallery in London and the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam. Archetype Publications, 2022.

Open access Getty publications on Conservation Science link 

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