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Please find an alphabetical list of Technical Art History-related resources below. We are constantly updating this list, so if you have a resource you would like us to include, we welcome you to let us know at

ARTECHNE database: History of technique in the arts, 1500-1950 link
The ARTECHNE research database contains fully searchable digitized sources on artisanal techniques, such as recipes, books of secrets, and artist handbooks, from the period 1500-1900, in Latin, Dutch, German, English, French, Italian and Spanish. 

Closer to Van Eyck link
This web application provides information on the current restoration of the Ghent Altarpiece at the KIK-IRPA


Colour ConText database link

The Colour ConText database contains a large corpus of artisanal recipes. To date, over 600 manuscripts have been assessed and 6,500 recipes have been transcribed and are currently being recorded on the database. The core data consists of medieval and early modern manuscripts and printed books from across Europe. 

Conservation & Art Materials Encyclopedia Online (CAMEO) link

CAMEO is a database that compiles, defines, and disseminates technical information on the distinct collection of terms, materials, and techniques used in the fields of art conservation and historic preservation.

Cranach Digital Archive link

The free online research database dedicated to paintings and archival documents related to Lucas Cranach the Elder (1472-1553), his sons and their workshop.

University of Delaware Technical Art History site link

This site from the UD Department of Art Conservation is a resource for painting reconstructions, TAH projects, and other info 


ECARTICO: Linking cultural industries in the early modern Low Countries, ca. 1475 - ca. 1725 link
ECARTICO is a comprehensive collection of structured biographical data concerning painters, engravers, printers, book sellers, gold- and silversmiths and others involved in the ‘cultural industries’ of the Low Countries in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.


ILLUMINATED Manuscripts in the Making link

ILLUMINATED brings to life the finest illuminated manuscripts preserved at the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge. It includes information about the pigments and the advanced scientific methods used for their identification, and explores the relationships between scribes, artists and original owners.

Inside Bruegel link
This website presents images of the Bruegel paintings at the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna in extremely high resolutions as well as infrared photographs, infrared reflectograms, and x-radiographs.


Pigments through the ages link

This web exhibit includes information about the most important pigments used from Antiquity through the early 20th century.

Raphael research resource link

The resource includes a wealth of information about  history and provenance as well as the materials and techniques used in a large number of paintings by Raphael.

The Rembrandt Database link

The Rembrandt Database is a research resource for information and documentation on paintings by Rembrandt or attributed to him, either now or in the past.

Sebastián de Arteaga project website link

This Open Access resource gathers historical, scientific and technical information on four Mexican Colonial paintings signed by Arteaga that belong to the collection of Museo Nacional de Arte.

Under the covers: the conservation and rebinding of Fitzwilliam MS 251 link

This resource is designed to show the conservation work which was carried out on Fitzwilliam Museum MS 251, a copy of the encyclopaedia 'Livre des propriétés des choses', produced in Paris in 1414 and illuminated by one of the leading artists of the day, the Master of the Mazarine Hours.

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