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Please find an alphabetical list of Technical Art History-related projects below. We are constantly updating this list, so if you have a resource you would like us to include, we welcome you to let us know at

ChromAz: The Chromatic Journey of the Portuguese Azulejo. link 

The Portuguese Azulejo (glazed tile) heritage is internationally recognised as unique, much due to its original and uninterrupted use in the most diverse architectural spaces since the 16th century. The ChromAz project will tell an unprecedented story of the Portuguese Azulejo heritage by studying its chromatic evolution. 

Lanterna Magica. link. 

A study of the relationship between tangible and intangible facets of the art of painting glass slides for projection by Magic Lanterns.

MINIARE (Manuscript Illumination: Non-Invasive Analysis, Research and Expertise) link

MINIARE is a new interdisciplinary project using a combination of advanced scientific methods for the study of illuminated manuscripts.

New light on Henry VIII’s Great Bible link

This project involves the historical and scientific analysis of these two rare presentation copies of The Great Bible currently at St John’s College, Cambridge, and the National Library of Wales (NLW).

Operation Night Watch link

Operation Night Watch is the largest research and conservation project ever for Rembrandt's masterpiece. This is happening live in the museum for you to see.

Painting with Light: A study on Historical Recipes and Stained Glass. link.

A project that looks at old technologies in the art of stained glass painting and the evolution of the different painting materials through critical analysis of historical written sources and the reproduction of historical recipes.

Unlocking the English portrait miniature: the materiality of Isaac Oliver’s oeuvre link

This continuing project examines technical data from miniatures attributed to Isaac Oliver from a wide range of collections across Britain and abroad to enable a new and extensive characterisation of Isaac Oliver’s surviving oeuvre

Unveiling the invisible: mathematics for conservation in arts and humanities link

This interdisciplinary collaboration draws on the expertise of art historians and conservators, classicists and medievalists as well as of mathematicians, to provide a step change in the use of mathematics for art history, conservation and archaeology

White Glazes project: The foundations of the Portuguese faience technology. link

The project studies the beginnings of the Portuguese production of tin-glazed ceramics through analysis, comparison and reproduction.


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